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Bedford Boys Balls Deep Off-road

The Bedford Boys Balls Deep Off-road

Thank you for viewing the Web site for the Bedford Boys.This site will have a calender for our trail runs and some various news from our group.Please check back often to get the latest news and information.

We are located in between Indianapolis and Louisville. Our group mostly consists of the Suzuki Samurai but we are not held to just that make or model. Anything off-road able is allowed to the group as long as it passes all guidelines put forth by the members. We started in the spring of 2001 and hope to continue on way into the future. Localy, we have three areas to ride and we switch from time to time so as to give the land time to heal between runs. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know.

Below, if approved, will be the new Bedford Boys logo.

If you feel there is anything needed to make this site better please E-mail me and thank you once again for viewing our page. Hope you come back soon for some updates and more pictures.