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Deep Beneath

Deep beneath the shadows of these condescending horrors:
Where jealousy and ferocity take over me
Where they complain and take no shame
And give themselves different names
They crawl inside, run away to hide

When it hurts and burns and my mouth tastes of bile
When it digs into my skin
You will be buried with those fateful lies
The ones that left you wondering why

When they find humor in your fault or find comfort in blame
When they believe in the occult and yet want to be all the same
You will make the complex decision of basic understanding
To love and cherish each personís careful planning

To live in expectations
Going against your own will
To sit in shit and wonder what went wrong
And why you were inspired to write this song

A song about pain and troubles and teenage angst
Of mental anguish and suffering and broken heart-fueled rage
To reign and blossom with the things you receive
And the loss of life you are forced to grieve