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Bagh Goblin asses!

Ilksar 'lizard man' casting some type of spell

O_O i want one


The people at highhold keep seem to like snakes...

Like snakes alot...

Hill Giant, Looks Irish

Hahar! slughter!

How can somone die that many times in one spot O_o hey i think ive grouped with that guy before! and he was group leader!

If im waiting for somthing i can play this while waiting ^_^

This is why i don't use the new models on my pc, goes all screwy

Im fishing infront of the full moon while JD practices his spells

Oh its us! me and JD, and if you look careful enough you can see my summoned pet a floating shield and sword ^_^
My characters stats and inventory

And this is the original Evergrace on a different server, he's way stronger than the one i play with JD

This is the group i was exping with while poor JD was at crushbone because he hasent got the expantion to go there.

Badger Badger Badger Badger