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A Kind Knight... is a good knight
Monday, 26 January 2004
everyone hates Mondays but I don't!
HI! IT'S MONDAY (note to self: do NOT tell everyone the date @ the beginning of EVERY. SINGLE. POST!) Having established that...what is interesting about today??? Well everyone is @ band right now, HI EVERYONE @ BAND RIGHT NOW! again, if you weren't @ band @ w/e time I wrote this you ARE somebody! IT WAS COLD TODAY! but not really...REALLY cold would be Ohio where if I'm not mistaken it is 10ish degrees! BRRRRRR sorry you Ohians (who don't have personal ovens!) but not too sorry b/c OHIO had a snow day and a certain Philip A. Webb hit the slopes today! speaking of hitting the slopes...I'm going snowboarding! in 45 days! everyone, if you see andrew tell him you're sorry (he'll be there too, with me, on a bus, for what I am told...24 hours) if he's lucky I'll sleep a right along...I think I'm going to do a poll...the poll question is...IDK...OH I KNOW! be part of the poll, submit ideas about what the poll should be to one lucky winner will have their topic as the poll, when I again will have you submit your opinions to ME! OH! I'm supposed to type up a creative lil response to what andrew would write in my non-existent forum on this site, I think I'll make you all wait for that one until, tommorow...maybe? yeah, does anyone else think I should have a forum on this site??? you can throw that in with the lil poll thing (if anyone's bored enough to do that!) OKAAAAAAAAAY then...has anyone besides me noticed how many dots I use? people think I talk a lot but...okay, well I DO talk a lot but even so it's lots of DOTS! YUP. I'm going to go? now? yes. I'll leave on a note better than mine:

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” —Luke 6:41-42

-from all of us @

P.S. you know what the best part of today is??? *pause* IT'S AMANDA'S SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY! *applause* HAPPY 16th MANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by freak2/andrewishotter at 4:29 PM MST
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Hey everyone! IT'S SUNDAY! happy Sunday! NotOnlyOnSundays! DOMINGO! CHURCH! REST! PLAY! (that's everything I can think of related to Sundays, but not really EVERYTHING) lol. What is/was interesting about today??? *pause* here's the BEST part about Sundays (minus the obvious) THE PLAY! the play was REALLY good! how about we call it the musical! the MUSICAL was REALLY GOOD. Mr. A-Man did a FaNtAsTiC job or trumpet and the rest of the cast and crew put in a lot of hard work and created a VERY ENJOYABLE OUTCOME! GO PLAY! (haha, doesn't that sound funny? I presume I should say GO MUSICAL!) anyways...the military ball was last night...everyone (okay everyone being sam) says it was good so GOOD. wow this is really boring I don't have anything to say..............................................okay I'm gonna quit while I'm behind!

Posted by freak2/andrewishotter at 4:27 PM MST
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Hey everybody! let's see...this is my first's saturday clock says 8:57 but it's really 10:57...IDK why but it looses two hours! OH WELL! yeah, I decided to make this blog. one of those layin' in bed and hop out of bed and make a blog kinda things, even though I wasn't in bed...wooooow it's Military Ball night! everyone's there! HI EVERYONE THERE! btw if you weren't there you're somebody! I'm listening to veggie tales, felt like listening to veggie tales. IDK what I'm gonna do with this blog...I think I'll just put random stuff in it, maybe something interesting. let's see...PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN is the BNNKEST (pronounced: B.O.N.K.up-side-down E.S.T.) movie EVER! Did you know Jesus died on a tree? I just heard it in this song...yup. it's true. let me tell you. OH! you know what else I'ma tell you! andrew's going SHOPPING! yeah guy's take notes, go shopping with your girlfriends it'll make them happy (sry my boy it's out) yeah this is getting long I'm gonna leave now! I'll leave on a Barney note...

"most kids thought barney wasn't cool in the first grade...but let me tell ya Chelsea Smallomon thought he was THE coolest purple dinosaur she'd ever seen! (and the fact that he's the ONLY purple dinosaur existing and has no competition doesn't detract from that mindset) WINK!"


Posted by freak2/andrewishotter at 4:25 PM MST
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