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Name : Todd
DOB April 22, 1983
AIM: djshadow
Location: Morgantown, DuB~V













    I am from the kraziest town in America, Morgantown Wv, which is home of 2005 BCS and SugerBowl champs the WV Mountaineers!!! I graduated from Morgantown High in 01 and moved to Pittsburgh Pa that summer to attend school. The partying got in the way of that so i had to let school slide for a minute. I moved back to dub~V in Dec of 03 and started working full time. finaly i went back to school and finished w/ and associates in Information Technologies and got some pc certifications to back it up. I enlisted in the army in spring of 04 and have been in for just over 2 years now. I just got out of a 2.5 year relationship which is a good n bad : good cuz im meeting a krap ton of new people, bad b/c the person i was with is just the most amazing person ever and i was to big of an asshole to show her. So now im just spinning it in the home town till something bigger and better comes along, till then.... 304HARDCORE!!!


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