Cool Links


Top Ten Things
I Have Learned

1. A fried cherry pie may contain beef fat

2. A student can print off 45 pages at the Weber building

3. If you were as big a dork as you think you are, your friends wold tell you. And they would still love you

4. It's no wonder Bill Gates is rich when he charges like $500 for Microsoft Office

5. Micrsoft Word will work in Safe Mode of a broken laptop

6. Longs scarves should never be worn when you're riding a bike. It takes two people get a scarf out of the gears of a bicycle

7. Hair dye does not come out of carpet. Ever.

8. Those stain eraser things from Mr. Clean don't work on the sinks in the Divide Venture Foods bathrooms.

9. Chipoltle gives free drinks to students

10. Bugs are actually kind of cool