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December 29,2002

Well, do I have a story for you guys! Christmas eve, my Great Grandma Ollie died. She was 100.So we had to haul up to San Saba, Texas to go to her funeral. Now I never really knew the lady. We would visit her in her shanti that she live in before she was sent to the nursing home. So anyways, we go up there. and every old person tells me how beautiful I am. Telling ME I'm so so beautiful. I have never herd a guy under 30 tell me I'm beautiful. But these fogies are talking to me like I'm Monroe! This is crazy.

I'm going to keep everybody in this story anonymous, including the lady who called the cops on us at the Hill Top Inn. OK so me and my relatives, This inclusing all me aunts, uncles and cousins, We're all staying at the same hotel. me and my parents get there aroud 4, but my two aunts, who had to do some shopping, pull in around 11. And they only left their house at 10, we lift at 9ish. Remember tht this trip is 6 hours straight. We're all waiting for my other aunt to come draggin in before we doze off.While waiting, my cousin, we'll call him cousin R, Cousin R teaches me to put a beer bottle in the corner. What you do is put the beer bottle in the corner of a room, and slid up, let go and presto! Don't belive me, try it. So the reat of my family gets there at 11 and we say our hello's. Some pissed off dude comes out and is like "hey guys hey guys hey guys! hush" so we all come inside and that's that. But this dude decides to get up at like 4, and bangs doors and turns his car alarm on for like 5 minutes straight. Jerk. So in the morning the owner lady is chewing out my Aunt, and telling her that we have to get out of the rooms because the cleaning lady has to clean the rooms and leave before 11. but you see, checkout is 11 and we're staying another day anyways. So here we are and we have to leave to the funeral. We're in mourning here and this chick's got the nerves to tell us she won't cleane our rooms because we didn't geet out of them for the maids conveinence. So now we get back from the funeral, our rooms arn't cleaned. So my aunt (lets call her Aunt S) the one who got yelled at. So aunt S cleanes her own room and send L, her husband, to get some clean towles." can I have some clean towels?" "how many" "about 5" the lady goes into the back room, talks to the maid that 'had to leave at 11' and calls the cops. so the cops come. Oh, I have to add that everybody in this hotel except for the 'special hunter guy' is related to us. The cop pulls up, (cops wear blue jeans out here) and here's my dads cousin smoking a cigar and drinking beer. He and his family scatter away in cars. my other aunt, Aunt P, over hears the lady say that they won't refund her money because they were smoking in a non smoking room. "how do you know" well aperently the maid went in and saw ashes in the trash can while she was in their room not cleaning it. Snooping. So when push comes to shove, we got evicted from the Hill Top Inn in San Saba, Texas. If you're even in the place, go to the L&L.
This was the best Christmas ever!

December 17,2002

Rare indeed. anyone have any suggestions for this web site? put em' in my guest book. i'm thinking about a message board. Maybe changing the order... well I'm gonna do that anywas, when I get the time. but now, I have to leave and do oddles of homework.

December 10,2002

I'm no longer in love. Well, My friend called it an infatuation. I was getting to the point with M.F.L.M. where we were what I thought to be beyond the point of friends and in the limbo before love. But I've changed my mind. I think maybe it was all in my head. The small advance into post love territory has been retracted.
My horoscope says that I shouldn't let something like this get to me today, because everyone is not themselves, M.F.L.M. included.
One of my friends last year said " Zia just isn't the date-me type" And that hurts. Everyone just looks at me and marvles that I'm not insicure and needy of a guy to be with. But I am. I want love more than anybody. Because I havn't had it yet. I have never loved anybody. Never been kissed. never held hands. I havn't experinced any of the things a normal girl my age has. I act so immiture in love because it's like I'm still a little kid with the love scene. I've had a boyfriend, but I never saw him. I'm a rare person. Who's full of painful expectations. I just hope certain people don't read this. And I'm sure they won't.

December 10,2002

I'm in love! Well I think so, at least. Actually I don't beleive in love. But that's another story.

December 7,2002

I just love Sid from Ice Age. I can so relate to him.
That is all for today.

December 6,2002

I have had 2 guys tell me they love me. Now one is borderline gay, and the other, well... he's M.F.L.M. Well let me talk about him, I turned to see who was dragging the desk, and there he is and he just says "I Love You" but he has also told me the he's crazy for me (after I tell him he's crazy) and joked about us being in love. (telling my science teacher)but he also stands aroung my locker. While his friend and my neighbor, touches my hair.(Did I mention this kid farted on me in the beginning of the year so now I'd rather not have contact with him. AT ALL.)
besides that, I only got like 4 hours of sleep last night.

December 4,2002

Wow, already December! This is amazing. the whole year just went woosh! E-Gads! hehe. you would be amazed at the people I meet on instant messaging. I met this one guy, and he's cool. oh yeah, and I'm stalking him ;) (j/k)
ok school, oh yeah, I saw M.F.L.M today,and since he undied his hair,the way he had it, wow he looked different. he looked.... hot. not funny, or cute, but atractive. Almost... normal. I don't want him to be normal though. I like his weirdness. Hell, I like him. I even drew the out line of him neck. Ya know the addams apple, it just looks like a curvy line, but to me, it's his sexy, wait, M.F.L.M. isn't sexy, his masculine, neck. hehe, I can just see him walking into my house right now and I don't know, taking me to the super market in my pijamas.
//nistalgic sigh//
well me and mine should go now...Bye

November 30,2002

Hey guys. I was just damned to the couch this whole week. My grandparents were in town and guess who hade give go from a queen size bed to a couch in the freezing living room. Yep, ME!

Wow, I'm actualy missing school, the " I can't decide on if I'm gay so I constantly talk about masterbation" guy. my friend Shawna who has become parinoide I'll put something in her hair or do somthing to her. Nate, the nurotic funny guy. Amarah, my best bud who ignores me when she's around her lame ass boyfriend. Lindsay, who currently hates me because I would let her sit on the counter, (now thats not juvinile is it?) //rolles eyes//,and every one else who I know. oh yeah and my teacher. oh I hate that "I'm so healthy your not" Health teacher.

hehe, oh well. C'Ya guys.

November 19,2002

Hey my (if any) fans!
I'm a little too scatter brained to do the whole daily journal thing, so I'll just do it when I have enough marbles to do it.
so yeah I had a good day. Me and this girl sat on our desks for about 10 minutes in spanish before another girl yelled at us. That was fun. This funny guy in my C.W. class was wearing old bowling shoes he and a few friends found in the dumpster. At the end of that class I dumped the entire contents of the junk pocket of my backpack out on accedent. A few of the things I have in there are a colapsing monkey, a hotwheels taxi,a connect four pen with all the peices loose, and month old jolly rancher. It was interesting.
I got home today and talked to my best friend from back home on the phone. Needless to say, she spent more time talking to her boyfriend than me. Sorry Manda, I still luv ya and happy birthday! So now I'm here writing to all you fine people who read this. which I'm sure is almost nobody.

November 13,2002

Ok I would like to cause a fuss about love story movies. You see all these people, they meet and two hours later they are going out, totaly in love. But in the real world, yes in the real world, you see a really hot guy in art class, every day you stare wishfully at him, trying to muster up the curage to just spark up a conversation. School year ends, you see him at the grocerie store once all summer, come back next year and he still doesn't ever know you exsist. Now that's life for ya buddy.
Today, I had a splitting heardache. Ya know the ones where it feels like someone is poking your eyes out from the inside? Yeah, one of those bad boys. but now I'm better.
Sometimes I wonder about what it was like for my dad to have lost his father at such a younge age. He was like only 12. I wonder how they handled it. Did they sit around the dinner table in silence. Did my grandma cry herself to sleep. I wonder if my grandpa hadn't died then, if he was still alive, if my dad would be different. Would he be nicer because he didn't have to be that man of the house since he was in middle school. would my aunts have married some better people? I mean so far my uncles have been in jail, disowned from the family, and have flipped off my aunt in front of all of my younger cousins. But they still are cool. don't let me make you belive that I hate my only aunts and uncles. I wouldn't change them at all. but sometimes I wonder.