[Location]Dallas, TX.

[Statz]Lost in what you call life

[Hobbies]Escaping reality

[Likes]Tattoos n Piercings, freakiness, b and c cup bobs, nice asses, nudity and staying nude, money, sleep, xanax, feelings of love, not pulling out, watching porn, eatin pussy, gettin head, havin back scratched, havin tattoos traced with finger tips, music, masturbation, golden showers

[Dis-likes]Ho's that are nood prudes, rudeness, big saggy titties, stuckup people, raggin chics, waking up, mornings, reading, all diseases, being sick, hospitals, most red heads, stalkers, child molestors, rapists, being preached to, bein told what to do, jail, stinky pussy, conceited people

[Fetishes]If you know me...you know (damn near everything) -giggles-

[Turn ons]Fetishes, porn, having ears licked, nudity, nice asses, kissing, morning head<3, eatin pussy, neck kissed

[Turn offs]Stuck up know it alls, no humor, stank breath, smelly poonjabbi, chics shittin, fat chics, ugly bias

[Description]..See pix, 5'7" 125lbs if ya wanna know..and blue/green eyes

[Quote 1]You think you know me...but in truth...you dun even know yourself. Indulge self-pity...venture upon my WikkedWayz

[Quote 2]Weeeeeeeeeeee