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Reasons Why Llamas kick ass!!

Must Know Llama Facts!!

A Litte Diddy About Llamas

Strollin the pasture...struting their stuff.. portecting the sheep.. they r willign to play rough.. on the job everyday. those llamas will make those coyotes pay.. they r related to a camel.. and r the coolest mammal. so dont be sour and belive in LLAMA POWER!
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Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch
Becca, the Raging Hore!!

Thank you for visiting my Llama paradise. If you are interested in buying a llama, check out the Hidden Oak Llama ranch... they have some pretty hott llamas for sale! I got excited just by looking at the pictures. In fact, I think I will visit the ranch this summer. It would be awesome to hook up with one of those sexy llamas! I mean... uhhhh... visit those excuisite animals. cough cough! If you would like to contact me... don't! I'm a very busy llama and I don't have time to answer any of your stupid questions or comments! Unless of course you are one of my fellow llama relatives, such as Alyssa, Tina, Tim, Amanda, Henry, Sky, Danielle, Katie, Bobby, Davora, Allison, Ange, Jenn, etc... you know who you are. If you have any doubt at all that you are one of my fellow llama relatives, then don't contact me! I repeat: Do Not Contact Me! Ok. That's all for now folks! Y'all come back now, ya hear?? (oh yea... in case you couldn't tell, that is not a llama in the top picture on this page... it's a camel, but it's pretty close don't ya think?)

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