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The Secrets of Life By the Teenagers of America

Yup, that's us up there. From left to right, the order goes Tara, Me (Michele), Brittney, and Willow. This site belongs to us!!!!! You may be asking where we got all of this stuff. Well, here's the story. One day we all just sat down, and got bored out of our minds. That is where the secrets of life came from. Some of them are inside jokes, but you'll laugh at them anyway. Enjoy!!!!!!!

P.S. I spent all day putting this stuff up here all by myself, so at least read some of them. Thanks! -Michele

If you want to go to the sites of the people that created "The Secrets of Life", (Drumroll please!!!!!..........) HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!

Morphine's Dungeon<-- That's MINE!!!
Ampherz Homepage<-- That's WILLOW'S!!!

See them for yourself and be enlightened!

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51 - 100
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151 - 197
198 - 250
251 - 300