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The Secrets of Life

51. "A little madness in the Spring; Is wholesome even for the King,; But God be with the clown-; Who ponders this tremendous scene-; This whole experiment of Green-; As if it were his own!" Emily Dickinson.
52. Change socks every five minutes to stay fresh.-Tara
53. Jawbreakers can uphold their names!!!!!!!! -Michele
54. The mystery pager is coming to get Tara, even though sheís already dead. Evidence #1: 07734 Evidence #2: 1234567890987654321. -Tara
55. I fixed Taraís mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Michele
56. The California Raisins (the band) are very juicy, and have a tangy California flavor. -Tara
57. Chihuahuas stay crispy, even in milk! -Tara
58. Pleasure is caused by pain. -Tara
59. You only see what your mind can handle. -Tara
60. Cody and I (Michele) are going to take over the show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and kill Buffy. Then we are going to put in a special appearance of him as Batman, make Spike the star, and call it, "Spike, the really hott, multitalented, fine ass vampire slayer killer Mr. Universe." -Michele
61. Glitter is a part of the "balanced breakfast". -Tara
62. (this is dedicated to Casper..... By: Tara)I wanna get u in the backseat, windows up, thatís the way u like to fuck, clawed up, all alert, rip the pants and rip the shirt, rough sex make it hurt, in the garden all in the dirt, ......... etc, etc.... (song: Whatís Your Fantasy, artist: Luticris)
63. "I LIKE GOLF"- Brittney : )-
64. all at same time: "bing, boing, bing, boing, bing-bing, boing-boing, bing, boing..." - Brittney "ssshh pop, jigga, jigga, jigga, jigga, ssshh pop, jigga, jigga, jigga, jigga..."- Tara "Eep, moo, Eep, moo..."- Michele "Lalalalalalalala, Lalalalalalalala...."- Amanda "Waaahh (continued)...."- Sky
65. "hoopy marks" = " ( ) " -Michele
66. NEVER TOUCH THE "TONE" KNOB!!!! ~especially u Brittney, even though i know u r thinking about it!!!! -Tara
67. "That was just Ďpre-talkí!" Ė Brittney ...... "Ahh, so we werenít there for the Ďserious conversationí?!?"- Chris
68. Now, u have to know that u cannot "abuse" the number 69. Itís a very sacred number. It has a lot of meaning behind it. It is the exact month, day, and year that SATAN will reign down upon all these sorry christian bitches! It is my fave thing to do with my love.... Casper, heehe. Ė Tara :P
69. heheheheheheheheheheeeeehehehehehhhhhheeee....... you said 69 ....... hehehehehehe.... -Michele
70. Aw, now look what youíve done! You have ruined the SACRED NUMBER! what a wicked world that this has become when people can just go around flimsing and flamsing the number 69 around as if it were nothing special, as if it were a joke of some sort! Now for the rest of your life, no more 69!!! Ah-hah!! U didnít think i would do that, did u?? Well, I did so... just.... just.......... No more 69 for u, hah!!!! -Tara
71. NEVER THROW THE GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Brittney
72. "heehe" sucks ass!! -Michele
75. I am not here, you may think that you see me but in all actuallity I am just another figment of your imagination. -Tara
76. WOO HOO!!!
77. Stupid JUMBO JETS!!! Theyíre just so... so... JUMBO!!!
78. Itís cominí straight for us! -Brittney
79. Why ME!?! -Tara
80. It wasnít me. Iím serious. I TOTALLY didnít do it. I was at the 7-11. NO, wait, I was shopping at Merveís. Yea, thatís it. Just "innocently" shopping at Merveís. Or was I??? -Tara
81. Why are you looking at me like that? -Tara
82. Do I have something in my nose?? -Tara
83. Is it that big pimple on my forehead?? -Tara
84. It is, isnít it!!! -Tara
85. DONíT LIE TO ME!!! -Tara
86. Tisí merely a flesh wound!!!! -Tara
87. What are you going to do, bleed on me??? -Tara
88. Never kiss a cactus, youíll regret it later, trust me, my little sister tried it once, and only once!!!!! -Tara
89. Tara eats dogs! -Michele
90. The stoner horse NEVER moves more than 10 feet away from the fence. NEVER, I mean if there was a tornado and he had the choice to die or to move away from the fence he would choose to stay by the fence and get high. He even gets high more than Alan Gooding, which is REALLY, REALLY BAD because I donít think that guy has ever went a day in his life without smoking at least three joints. -Tara
91. Look, when i shake my V8 Splash you can see the fruity spirals!!! Oooooooooooo,Aaaaaaaaaaa, What? You canít see them, what the hell is the matter with you? I mean what the hey, you canít see them! LOOK, there went another one, did you see it? No, Iím not crazy. Well.............uh..............WHATEVER!! -Tara
92. Youíve been a bad girl, go to my bedroom!(We will be there shortly with the whip cream in a can!) -Tara
93. Is that your PROFESSIONAL opinion? Or what?
94. Do you know the most handy lilí device? A Swiss Army knife! They come in handy when cutting off people's faces. -Michele
95. NEVER eat soap. You will have bubbles shooting out of your ass for hours! And yes, that is my professional opinion! -Tara
96. Joe has REALLY big .........feet, what did you think that I would say?..............." "...............Eeeww, thatís so nasty, why do you think that I would say a thing like that? ................." "................................well, that was just that one time, damn, make one mistake and people hold it against you forever!!!!!!! Gosh!!!!!!! -Tara
97. If Mountain Dew and Sprite ever had a baby then it would be the nectar of life!!!!! -Tara
98. YEAH RIGHT, I was just threatened and I was forced to write that HUGE lie about Mountain Dew and Sprite. -Michele
99. What is the world coming to these days! -Tara
100. LOOK, the needle on the elevator, itís moving, holy shit, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!! -Brittney

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