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The Following Images were created by me.. they all are copyrighted, so pretty much, steal my work, get fined.. they are my own work 100%

This picture is just to show you how mother nature can F*CK us up..

This was made just for fun, no reason behind it..

then again, this is just me trippin' and making art

3 in a row.. this was for fun

This picture is just one i made that is 'more professional' and not dark.. kind of relaxing picture actually.

This one is hard to explain, IM me and ask if ur interested...

This one is an idea i had of a stairway that led to heaven..

This one right here is kinda my dream world.. where as you have to pass this guard to get to my dreams.. strange.. i know

This was just influenced by me being in an altered state of mind.

Now this one.. this one symbolizes a theory i had.. if the world had a huge chain and connected to sumthing at one time.. but as the population grew, it got to heavy for the chain, and it snapped..

This is kind of my imagination mixing with somthing that has really been done by me and someone else..(hard to explain) it is a picture-metaphoric psiball