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Hello.. my name is Tyson Havron..

Nothing special really to know about me. I go to LHS only a sophmore.. but a really talented sophmore in my opinion..

In my Spare time I like to play guitar, and write music.. I like to write poetry, songs, quotes and theories when im bored.. most of my writings come to me when i am in an altered state of thinking...

I'm pretty mellow.. don't like to argue or fight.. thats pointless behavior if you asked me. I like to go to the "lake" when i have time so i can have some fun and free my mind.. i enjoy taking my guitar there and making music on the water.

As far as music goes, I love hard rock and any other form of rock.. Incubus is my favorite band because of their creativity and ideas. Now to the hard rock.. I like the Deftones and any other band that can scream with talent and originality.. i listen to a wide variety of music. Rap.. i dont like rap, but there are a few exceptions.. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.. they are the most brilliant rap group ever.. noone to this day has topped bone.. as far as single rappers i enjoy listening to 2pac and twista.

Back to hard rock.. i like listening to all the underground bands on the gauntlet.. i like listening to Lifer, 40 below summer, Finger 11, Hed PE, Minus, American HeadCharge, Audiovent, Cold, Doors (jim morrison - american poet), Earshot, Glassjaw, UPO, Godhead, Mushroomhead, sevendust, stereomud, STP, Sublime, SOD,Taproot, Pink Floyd, Tool, and techno music that will send you floating (dj tiesto)

Thats enough about my humble self...