ME Lets see... I am 5'10'' 215lbs.. I paint my nails.. my hair is never it's natural color it has been Crayon red, blue, purple, green, hot pink, maroon..and um black..i think my natural color is I think I am pretty damn ugly.. but I do have a wonderful girlfriend..Skye.. I love you baby!!

PEOPLE Skye - I love you and you are a good friend and i am so happy we are together your the only thing that makes sense in my life i love you baby!!! "FranKie LoVes Skye Forever + Always *~2-10-02~*"
Ashley I. - Your a great friend and i am glad you are there for me when i need knoe i am always here when you need me.. it is the least i could i love your sis ;)
Amee - Your a Great friend and whenever i need you or need someone to talk to your nextdoor..thanks for putting up with all my drama..andbullshit!!!
Beth - I love you alot as a friend lol you have changed alot!!
Michelle - Once again you had to fuck up you talk shit to skye now i hate you..good going you dumb cunt.
Ashlee - You are a good friend.
Jessie - I Love ya to pieces..remember when you was"sick" ;)
Lacie - I love you to death you are a kick ass friend.
Keith - You kick ass man.
"Crass" - You have a great band (HMFS).I still owe ya for pissing on my tree!!
"Doonald" - You have a great band (HMFS) your gret at graphic shit too..thanks man.
Jeremy - We have been through alot of shit (girls that wasn't worth it) and we are still alive/out of jail(lol)..damn school bus law
Cora - I hope you and jeremy stay together forever you guys are gret together.
Curt Davis - Your lucky your under 18 or I have a feeling jeremy would have beat you to fucking death by now you little mother fucker!
Travis - "I'll knock your teeth right down your throat!!" lol your pretty cool but your still gonna get it punk!!!!
Troy - Your pretty cool man!
Wag...sorry i judged you really kick ass..can't wait till i wrestle you!! Just don't choke me till the blood veins in my eyes pop again..fucker!
JV - Your a really cool just need to fucking talk

: NOTE :
If I forgot you.. please let me know and I will add what I think about you good or bad :)

HOBBIES My hobbies consist of wrestling..and when i get bored with my online life (hardly ever) I usually take a short break to play PS2 or talk to my baby (Skye) on the phone..oh yea..all sports suck!!! (maybe that is why i am so fat..hmmm?!?!)

FAVORITE QUOTE "Think you can...Know you can! Your human body is the most impressive tool that you will ever own. Even if you can't control everything...You can always control something. Your body...use it...amuse it...Because one day...Your gonna lose it". *~Jeff Hardy~*