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Wrap Around

1. Post your man up

2.Put the ball behind your back then take it with your left hand and spin right.   (you shouldn't be facing each other) 

Hot Sauces "Flinstone Shuffle"


1. When the defender is forcing you to one side, dribble between your legs.

2. Place the ball behind the defender (making it seems as if you put it behind his back) and run quickly to the other side.

3. Stop quickly, run back, and pick up the ball


Hot Sauces "Boomerang"


1. Dribble a bit so you can get the player low

2. Cup the ball with your right hand ,extend your right arm over their left shoulder , twist your arm so it's facing the sky, snap your wrist hard so it comes back to you then continue dribbling. The defender should turn around


Hot Sauces Ball On Head


Dribble the ball low and fast to get the defence crouched to your height. Dribble real fast through your right leg back and forth. when the balls in your right hand stand straight up and put the ball on the defenders head roll it off really quickly so the defender doesn't get it. 


The Whirlwind


Freestyle to get the defense low. When the defense is low spin left with your right hand, inside shoulder to the left, when your spinning put the ball over his head and drop it behind him, keep spinning.

when you complete the spin you should be facing the right. keep going right to get the ball from behind him. They shouldn't know where the ball is.


The Slip And Slide( ground roll)


1. Dribble the ball with your through your right leg while kind of falling down

2. When the ball gets to your right hand place your left hand on the floor and roll over. Keeping the ball in your right hand.

3. When your getting up bounce the ball gently back to your left hand.


Hot Sauces "Pick Up"


1. Dribble away from the Defender

2. Put the ball on the ground and roll it.

3. Cup the ball or hit it with the bottom of your wrist, the ball should pop up.


Hot Sauces "Hypnotizer"


1. Dribble low to get the defender looking below your waist

2. Get the ball behind your back and quickly throw it over both your back and his head.

3. Continue in a dribbling motion as if you still had the ball

4. When the defender finally realizes you don't have the ball go and pick it up.


Ball through legs


Make sure the defender is looking at your feet or eyes, either put the ball through his legs while faking a crossover or doing some freestyle moves.



Black Magic


I don't know why this move is called black magic because it sounds stupid but this is how you do it. You put the ball behind your back and at the same time you put it through your legs. If you move your right leg left as your doing this it can sometimes make it easier.