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My “Title” Page, If You Will. Or Won’t For That Matter.
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God Save The Innocense

My Life, or a Lack of One Thereof

As you can see, I have replaced the picture of the Robot. Now there is a picture of a...Banana!*Oohs and Aahs from the Peanut Gallery* Unfortunately, I did not take this picture. What you see before you is...Undefiled. Soon my friends, soon.

I think that soon a picture of a cucumber shall join the banana...maybe a hotdog will too. Because we all know what they remind us of...And we all like it too. *Maniacal Laughter*

*glances around paranoidialy* I think I'll go to find, vegetables to do... And, while you think of me, chant this mantra: I love defiling cucumbers. I love defiling bananas. I love defiling hotdogs. I love little bald monks. I will not defile the monk, I will not defile the monk.

Now, Go! Follow your mantra! And I will too...

Because none of you love me.

The End.

Box Number 2...I don't have a title for this one...

Here I shall place a List of my titles and nicknames, which mean nothing unless you know me.

Eternal Immortal Goddess Of Light

Evil Ruler of the Denizens of the Nether Realms

The Midnight Rose

Queen of Stating and Understating the Obvious

Curator of Chaos



Star-Chylde of Insanity


There are links hidden in the pictures. Can you find them all? They lead to cool sites, I promise!

I Love Faerie Art!

6/29 11:39 P.M.

The picture residing under the title of this box is the way I envision a faerie Juliet. I was looking around on the web for pretty faerie pictures, and I found two others on the same page as this one, but unfortunately the resolution sucked on those two, so I didn't put them on the page. *sadness*

These first two pictures are from the tarot deck that I hope to acquire soon. You see, I would have it now, but, unfortunately, the rules are that a person isn't allowed to buy themselves a tarot deck. It must be given to them. So, I have to wait and get the favor returned by one of my sisters. I'm not pointing any fingers!*looks away as her finger lands unerringly on Selena*

I also think that this picture of a mermaid is pretty cool. I may replace it, but I may not. I think that this could be a picture of a mermaid on the royal court. The bearing has that stature...

This picture of the faerie in the waterfall is pretty too.*sigh* I wish I were a be that close to nature, and have that inherent beauty, that wonderful inner effervescent(great word, effervescent) glow...*double sigh*

Well, enough of that. I'm on to other, not necessarily better, things. Like sleep or a book. Or maybe more pictures... Keep well, don't rot, and don't imitate the lobster. I'd be tempted to eat you.

Luv to all, love to some.