So you see
I laugh at thoughts of never
I must be
The last one of my kind
What's to need
I walk this road forever
Can't explain
These memories inside my mind

I close my eyes and lose my place
So I reach out for your name
But when I look I see your face
And I know it's not the same
I drown these shards of time
In tears of a dark and ugly hue
I walk the void and cross the years
Just to stand here before you

Welcome to my forever

So you see I just might be that clever
Tied but free to find my fated path
Am I he? The chosen of forever
God forgive the madness of my eternal laugh
The sun is fading in this place
Got to get away from here
I'm helpless as my thoughts erase
And my memories run clear
There's nothing left for me to do
Nothing left for me to be
I've looked inside myself
Only to find myself
Looking back at me