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Name: Casini.

  Firstname: Gino.

  Shoe Size:  42.

  Where do you live:  Belgium,Herzele

  Where were you born: Belgium,Zottegem.

  What type of setup do you ride:  powell,easthetics,element,phirst-aid,torture,Ö

  What is your favorite trick:  Crooked Grind

 Describe how to do it: "Ride parallel to the obstacle or at a slight angle and ollie up and then a little over it.
As you reach your top height, point your nose down so you can land on the truck.
Grind, then kind of nollie out or if it ends pop off."

  What do you do for fun: Skate, listen to music, watch movies,go to clubs and bars, be around lots of people.

  A typical weekend for you consists of:  Skating, partying, relaxing. Maybe traveling.

  Who do you skate with: Jakob,Davy,Manfred,Glen,Dominique,Bart,(Kenneth),Kristof and a lot of other great and funny skateboarders.

  Advice for beginning skaters: "Learn low to ride your board first before trying tricks."

  Worst injury: Sprained ankle.

  What were you doing when you were 10 yrs old: "Learning how to *#!@ off."

  What does your mom think about skating: "I donít give a @!*# what she thinks."