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What Kind Of Dog Do You Have? Please Help Me Select A Dog To Purchase
From: Otis
I don't have a dog and I think I want one. I was just wondering what is the best dog? I want one that is a good watch dog, friendly yet doesn't easily trust people right off the bat. What sort of dog would that be? {o_O}
From: Otis
No one has a dog here? {~_<}
From: No One Important 1
a japanese chin, they are mischeveious little devils.
From: YogiSEAL
I recommend a rabid pit bull to you.
From: MAOnnaise
Golden lab. ^_^
From: Musky
Ryan has a dog that looks like Ein. >_>
From: MAOnnaise
Not anymore... v_v we gave that piece of CARPET PEEING ON DOGY STINK! away v_v twas cute! but twas annoying! Twas time for it to go to a better place... I got our gun and took it to the country..far out... and we went hunting! and after that! we gave it to my sisters friends ^_^ and she doesnt pee on anything anymore and she has been traveling around with them. ^_^ blah blah blah good morning.
From: Wingz
A chihuahua, which are mean little ****ers, a cocker spaniel, and a Carin terrier.
From: SnippyNightPal
LMAO @ Yogi.

Otis, don't get a dog, get a bearded dragon. They're significantly cheaper, much easier to take care of, you won't have to worry about fleas/ticks/hair/ or any messes of the sort.

They are really funny and nice pets. I have one myself, named Spike. Bearded dragons are known to be the most tamest species of lizards, and mine never bit me and I can handfeed it too.
From: No One Important 2
I have a Shih Tzu and its freakin awesome. They're the cutest dogs ever, and they have fur, not hair, so they don't shed at all. They're also very people friendly.
From: Otis
This is SO interesting... {*_*}

Thanks guys, now I know I should buy a lizard and not a dog after all...I shall sleep easy from here on out...