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Who Would Like All Of My Accounts?
From: Otis
They are harshly cool, with lots of User Level Points and popularity. {^_^}
From: Kujie
I'll take every one.
From: YogiSEAL
From: Musky

Of course you won't give them away. You're just sitting there asking who would want them. {-_-}

Actually. I take it back, no I don't want your usermap connected to mine.
From: Wingz
Our accounts are more harshly cool, and have more User Level Points. {~_~}
From: Enegromatica
Indeed, Wing. {E_E}
From: OmletteQ
No usermap axes for me, thanks though.
From: Kujie
I'll gladly take them all. How long I keep them open, I can't say, but definately longer then 5 minutes.
From: Otis
How about just one account? I'm thinking one with 50 User Level Points...I'll give it to you and then you can do whatever you want with it and it won't be connected to my map. You can trust me. {*_*}
From: Dark Liquor
Yeah last time I trusted you it ended up fake. Anyway no I also don't want my usermap connected to yours.
From: USER
Nope, that moderation overturn was in fact real, why else do you think I got to repost it?

I had an idea though, I have enough Otis accounts to hand out 1 to each member of this entire board. Reserve your's today! {^_^}
From: Musky
No thanks. I like my 607 User Level Points. Just because you reposted it doesn't mean the other one got overturned. Because I didn't even mark the second time to posted. And frankly don't remember the first time you did. Another lie by Otis caught by me. {*_*}
From: Otis
You're so keen. {^_^}
From: Musky
Thank you Otis. {*_*}
From: Otis
Welcome Musky. {^.^}
From: MAOnnaise
You're welcome Otis {>_>}