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Would someone explain to me....
From: Musky
How a regular user would know how many modded messages I have, and how many of them were for trolling?

No, trolls are the only ones that think that...I think of myself as a vet here. Statistics speak for themselves seeing as I have no modded messages and Musky had 2 trolling violations the last time I checked. {*_*}

Either he had a really lucky guess or, he may be harassing/stalking me or gaining some way to see other people's user info....
From: XenaRocksMyWorld
Seems to me someone has a MOD friend >.>
From: Musky
^^ another possibility....
From: FThaMan
Or he is a mod.
From: Musky
I was also thinking that he was a mod's joke account or something lol.
From: FThaMan
But he has about 75 names for it thou. Thats too many for a joke account.
From: Help Board User 1
Of course he could have just sat in metamod for a very long time looking for a message he knew was yours...
From: Musky
I know he has a high-User Level Points account that is kept secret, all of his Otis accounts are joke accounts. And his only goal at our board is to disrupt it and troll. That much is fact ( a friend talked to him on AIM).
From: Otis
...simply a guess.
From: Musky
Yes, you just magically guess my usermap too? (So I have heard.)