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My moderated message history is all messed up!!
From: No One Important 1
on The Land Of Harsh Coolness I created the topic listed in my sig,and it got modded for nothing,Plus it says I got 2 moderated message but I got only one.(many other strange moderation history happened to me, like one of my to pic got modded for spoiler without warning and the topic title had a big SPOILER mark at its end.the moderator told me that spoiler mark worth nothing in to titles.....[_])
From: Musky
Apparently I have 7 moderated mesage, when I look at my list it says only 5 lol. Think it's a glitch.
From: No One Important 2
wheres the "just for fun..." topic?
From: No One Important 1
burried for good coz mods won't let me make another.

the one on the mgs3 board has been marked by someone and it got deleted.
From: Otis
Yeah, sounds rough guys...you're probably just having random glitches in the system. Don't worry it'll all get better. {*_*}