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~*Dream Cloud*~ Rankings

Did you ever wonder what your member ranking meant? Below are the answers!

Why does it matter what Rank I am?
The higher your rank, the more chance you have to be picked for any raffles the guild may have!

New Member :
Has just joined the guild and will stay at this level for around a weeks time.

Member Rank 1 :
Never posts messages on the message board. Doesn't participate in any guild activities. Is able to be deleted from guild.

Member Rank 2 :
Posts messages once in a blue moon.

Member Rank 3 :
Posts messages every so often and does participate in some guild activities.

Member Rank 4 :
Active and participates in many different things. Posts messages a lot and joins in on guild activities. Also their are different guild accounts under this rank.

DC Council members :
Helps out in the guild all the time and is very active.
Leader : Siberianfiretiger - Runs the guild. Makes layouts and works on website.
Co Leader : Rinoa - Runs guild when Leader is away. Has full guild admin and may change things if it appears necessary.
Shops Manager : Luigi - Makes sure shops are stocked and have fair rules if they are an Official Guild Shop.
Promoter : Open Spot - Advertises guild on Chat boards of Neopets and Notice Board and other things to get more members.
Manager : Tanya - Receives suggestions for guild from guild members. Makes sure members are happy.
Shop Manager : Luigi - Makes sure that all shops in guild market have fair prices and have plenty of stock.