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~*Dream Cloud*~ Newbies

If you didn't happen to notice that box titled rules on the guild front page, then here they are repeated for you!

1. No spamming on the guild message boards
2. No foul language
3. Have fun!

Being active
To be active all you simply have to do is post a minimum number of one message on our message board a week. Also, you should try to participate in contests, and other guild activities.

Some Info
The Quiz Question gives a question each week. Anyone in our guild can send the answer to _Rinoa_heartly_ and receive a prize if it is correct. What the prize is will be and who wins is up to _Rinoa_heartly_.

Newbie Paks
As long as you are active and have stayed in the guild for one week, you may have a Newbie Pak. The paks have in them four items. Some Newbie packs maybe worth more than others. To get a Newbie Pack click on our own special Newbie Faerie below! Then trade at least 1 NP and a very cheap item (like something from the Tombola Man). If you want to donate money to the guild, give more the 1 NP.