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This section, Jobs, is being replaced by Quests which will be on next month's layout.

Wishing Well
For this job, you have to make a shop on your username or on a new one that is the wishing well for ~*Dream Cloud*~ This job will not be payed, however, the persons rank will go up to member rank 4! you do not have to be active on the guild message board but it is prefered. After reading the rules below, if you think that you're up to the challenge neomail SFT

Rules and other things:
1. you have to know html
2. you may put this pic

into your shop but if you want to make your life a whole lot easier just copy the html code below and put it in your shop description which will give you the pic above and the rules for the well. You have to change the three YOUR NEOPETS USERNAME to your neopets username in the code below.

Change the YOUR NEOPETS USERNAME and then highlight it from the very beginning and scroll down.
3. Your shop should be called something like "~*Dream Cloud*~ Wishing Well"
4. Get 3 items that are worth atleast over 1,000 NP and put them in your shop selling for 100,000 NP+. You should receive neomails from customers wishing for one of the prizes. Don't give it to them unless the have bought one of the bottles of sand (which should cost 300 NP or more) and they were the first to ask. Give the prizes out on the weekend and start a new one with new prizes at the beginning of the week.
5. A few bottles of sand will be provided to you the first time you open up the Wishing Well.

Remember to ask if you have questions!