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~*Dream Cloud*~ Points
DC Points are a great way to get items and move a rank up all at the same time! To get them, you can do many things like refer a person, join a contest, make a banner for the guild, and some other things! To move up a rank, it costs different amounts points according to which rank you're moving to.

Rank 1 - 0*
Rank 2 - 50
Rank 3 - 75
Rank 4 - 100
*= you only have to stay in the guild for a week

They can be redeemed at the DC Points Redeem Shop!
Note: The ~*DC*~ Points Prize Shop has no prizes currently because it was just created a couple days ago.

Current Points
_rinoa_heartly_ - 10 points
luigimansion - 2 points

Got Points?