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~*Dream Cloud*~ Contests

Welcome to the contests page! We currently have 3 contests going on! To enter any contest (unless it says different) you should neomail Siberianfiretiger telling her which of the contests you want to enter. Please give the neomail a subject like 'contest' If you enter a contest and are not disqualified or quit the contest, you will receive 3 DC Points!

Best Userlookup
Do you have a great userlookup that you think deserves some fame? Well then, enter this contest! There is only one rule: YOU CANNOT USE A PREMADE USERLOOKUP. if you do, you will be found out and you will be disqualified. All people who enter the contest and win will get a special trophie to place in there userlookup description. The winners will be decided at the end of this month.

The prize for first place...
a spooky treasure map
The second place prize is...
a RainbowBerry
And the third place prize is...
a bottle of Illusens Potion

Story Telling
Are you a good storyteller? If so, this is a great contest for you! Plus it is very simple! Make up a story by going by the following rules.

1. Be creative. The story can be happy or sad, or be any mood just as long as it isn’t boring.
2. The story must be at least 5 sentences long and shouldn’t go past 2,000 words. If it does, it will take longer to read than necessary but you will not be disqualified.
3. Make it appropriate, as always a rule.
4. It should have something to to with FF.

When you're finished, neomail it to SFT and please make the neomail subject 'story telling contest' If you story is chosen as the winner you'll get...

Who'z That Character
Can you guess who the character is below? If so send the answer to SFT and please make the subject of the mail 'Who'z That Character'

The prize for this week is...
its Tchea Fruit