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~*Dream Cloud*~ Contacts
This page will soon be full of people who will help you with your Final Fantasy games! Click on their name to neomail them!

Siberianfiretiger or AIM --> PrincessNulu
Can help you with FF7 and get you some of the rare materia in the game. Can also get you walkthroughs for FF7 or FF8

Luigimansion or AIM=orangegrrrl64 Yahoo: luigimansion64
played FF6, FF7, not much of FF8, FF9 and some of the FFs b4 FF6.

_rinoa_heartly_ or on aol -> chicpsycik , and on msn -> christianwiehl E-mail ->
played FF Mystic Quest, FF3, FF6, FF7(a little), FF8, and FF9. (also wants to played FF10 really bad but hasn't yet)

To be on this list, neomail SFT telling her what games you've played and if you want to, your e-mail address or Instant Message name!