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My Cat, Princess

Princess is my beautiful calico cat. Her fur color is white, mostly on the underside, and a light brown and gray mix in a lovely pattern on her top side. Swish, swash goes her long grayish tail with brown sprinkles here and there and constantly staring back at me are her piercing yellow-green eyes and a wet pink triangle for her nose. She's an indoor cat and we got her from a friend of my momís about 7 years ago. Her birthday is September 26th, the same day as my little sister's birthday.
She mostly eats and sleeps and sits by windows. But, every now and then, when she is in a good mood, she'll play with me. I will get down on my hands and knees and move around the couch in a cautious manner. Then, from around the corner of the couch, she'll come pouncing out and I'll jump back. Faster than a cheetah, she's gone, ready to attack again as I move the opposite way around the couch. I could play with her forever because its rare when we both have the time to share with each other.
Food has to have just the right taste and smell for her to eat it. Dry food is what we have out for our cats all the time. Princess doesn't seem to like it, though, but, she'd rather eat than starve. Any can food that doesnít have anything to do with the sea, she loves. Fish is not on her list of ĎThe Good Stuff.í Things that would be on that list are cotton candy, turkey, chicken, ham, cheese curls (she just likes to lick the cheese), and other various junk foods. Its a wonder why she isnít a fat cat.
Princess spends most of her time in my room with me. At night, she will follow me around the house until I finally go into my room and get into bed. Then she'll jump up on my bed and lay beside me. She normally does not stay very long because she knows that once I'm asleep, I could easily roll over on her. I did that once a few years ago. Never again has she been there when I'm asleep. Commonly, though, in the morning when I wake up but am still lying in bed, she'll jump up to be with me. She moves quite a lot and is annoying sometimes because when I want to go do something, I canít because she is there and I could never she push her off my bed. There are some days when I do have the time to spend with her. On these occasions, I'll pet her on her head and rub just above her eyes so that she'll close them and purr loudly. Sometimes that even makes her go to sleep. She is such a wonderful friend.
She had a great adventure a few years ago. There is this huge tree right in front of our house. One day, Princess got out the door and ran up the tree. We tried so hard to get her down by using cat food and calling her name. Sadly, she was up there for three days. Poor thing must have been so scared because at night I could hear he crying in the tree. That wasn't the first time, though, that she has gone up the tree. Other times she wasn't up there as long because we had a neighbor who somehow climbed up the tree and put a sheet over her. The sheet was to protect the guy from getting bitten. Princess bites everyone, including me (not hard though). Well, anyway, he got her down by carrying her, I think. My family tries very hard to keep her cats inside so that'll she'll never climb the tree again.
So, now you know my cat. Strange as she my seem, I sometimes feel like she is my best friend and that she'll always be there for me. She loves me... I hope, and I love her and I'll never ever stay mad at her for too long. Ok, well, I got to end this because she is trying to attack a chipmunk at our sliding glass door and if she keeps thinking that she can go through the glass, she's gonna really hurt her head!