Because it's a crime to make a wrecksite™ with no pictures of hot chicks...

Assunta de Rossi

Oops! The scanner broke, sorry...

Silicon Valley

Wow! Nice... sticker!

Faces... happy faces...

I dunno these people... but they sure look happy!

Creepy cartoon characters

"I'm useless, but not for long... the future is coming on..."

Skip school! Drink beer!

Take me drunk, officer... I'm home... hic!

Pablo Cruz

Dawg on bass guitar

In the closet with TV

Finally... for the Pinoys!

Bill Gates still suck!

Nokia 3330 (sucks!)


Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones)

You will forget ever seeing this wrecksite™

Just a damn llama

Now, what da fuck is a llama doing here!?

Bugs Bunny and crew

Looney Toons

Random numbers


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