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photos beautiful claSSmates....

(During our Retreat)

The Duff Sisters!!!

 AZURA!!! My favorite presenter!!! Jien...the wackiest presenter, and...hmmm...coolest  and...ughhhh...okay!!! cute guy(oh, really?) haha!!!Karen, the pretty presenter!!! :)Here they are!!! So cute isn't it? Brenda, Jen, Toni, Kathy, Chi-Chi, and (JLO addict)...Cha(haha:D)My genius classmates...ha!

This one is somehow updated, i'm now technically in college (but pscyhologically, physically, spiritually and all those gradeschool! hehe.) here with one of my best pals, my co-MG member, aileen!

well this another an updated picture, with again, my co-MG member (MG or emgeez by the way is the name of our toupe...just circle of LOVABLE friends!) Irene! ;-)

The casts of "Boy Meets World" (one my most wanted t.v. show!)...and of Rider Strong!!! (as Shawn Hunter)








The Casts of "Seventh Heaven" (one of my favorite t.v. show that teaches values, but it's not what you're thinkin''s not boring! It's great!!!)












Yeah!!! "Lizzie McGuire"'s my favorite TV show too!!! (The girl in the middle is Hilary Duff...she's also in the picture above, the Duff Sisters, the one at the right.  Very pretty huh!!)

Oooooooh....yeah!!!! The Charmed Ones!!! Doesn't the name describe it all?

Of course! How can forget??!!!....the casts of "Dawson's Creek" wohooo!!!


Oh, and speaking of Dawson's Creek, here they are, with M2M....hmmm, nice one huh! (with the twins, Marit Larsen and Michelle Williams...haha! Aren't  they?)

And here's the beautiful Marion Raven with the hunk Joshua Jackson, of the interminable...Dawson's Creek!!!