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My childhood was not very happy. My parents got divorced when I was young, I felt, as all youngest siblings feel, that it was my fault. My mother would yell at me everynight for 3 hours at a time. It was military style (show any emotion and they'll be back to give you more shit) I went through this torture for nine years, and no one would believe me when I told them about, except for my friends. I was literally isolated from the outside world. After school I would be forced to go straight home and was never allowed outside, or to take phone calls. I went insane. To top it all off, whenever my grandparents would come up from Florida for the summer I would have 3 'rents yelling at me, non-stop. (sarcasm) And people wonder why I zone out in conversations. (end of sarcasm) I didn't know till last summer that I have a half brother. It's my dad's mom wouldn't let me know about him, because she thought he was what I'm crazy only because of her. It's just something about that woman that makes me go mad. She's mentally abusive and doesn't know what the damage is that she's done to me. I hate myself so much it's not even funny. I used to have nice long hair and have always wanted to shave my head...anywho one day I had off from school and felt like I was trapped, I knew my friend Joshy would come to hang out with me. So when my mom came home for lunch, before she left I told her "don't be suprised if I'm not home when you come back." Atleast I gave her a word of warning before I went out. Joshy stopped by and picked me up. I went to Shampoo that night and it was a special tuesday night Nocturne. Afterwards I slept over my buddy, Markus', place. My sister came there in the morning and called my mom stating she had found me. My mom kicked me out and I got a lecture from a cop. So It's been interesting...


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