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The Worlds of Neopunkia

These are the other worlds that have been discovered so far. Why not take your Neopunks travelling? Click where you wish to go on the map to explore a whole new part of Neopunkia!


Hot Desert
This is a desert. Bring some water if you plan on crossing it, it's big and deadly.

Spooky Forest
These woods are spooky. There are rumors of ghosts and such traveling around in here. Be wary, and watch your step!

Neopunkia City
Gah! once you make your way through the smog, you come across a dirty, ugly city. There's a hooker on every corner, graffiti everywhere, and someone asking you to buy drugs ever 12 or 13 seconds. It's not a very nice place.

The North Pole
Santa lives here of course, making toys all year round. He might give you a free one if you're lucky.

Dino Island
There's a big volcano here that made this island, covered with many prehistoric neopunks. You know, a live specimen could probably fetch a pretty high price...

Pirate Isle
Ohh! This island is covered with buried treasure! If you can find some, you'll be rich rich rich!!! You need to watch out for those pesky neopunk pirates though, they might not take too kindly to you stealing their loot.

Moon Station
Up here is the moon (duh). Lots of high-tech crap too, like rocket ships, laser guns, moon rocks, cheese... a great place to visit indeed.

Wiki Wiki Island
This small spot of land is known for it's native neopunks, who guard their sacred totems that sit here. There's also a witch doctor, and the ultra-famous Wiki Wiki Bar!