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my therapy...
Tuesday, 12 August 2003
we girls love to complain about guys..but when it comes down to it...we love 'em!!! they can create so much drama but at the same time they create a lot of excitement!! i met 2 guys this weekend and after having a dry spell..i'm SO excited!! one i'm kinda really interested in and the other..well i don't think it's gonna go anywhere. but..i can't wait to see Derrick again!!! i need some action!! ;-)

Posted by freak/innocence03 at 7:37 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 12 August 2003 7:39 PM PDT
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Thursday, 3 July 2003
"The Talk"
so i just got off the phone with this guy that i've been talking with. we had 'the talk'...he wanted to know what was goin on between the two of us..and where our relationship was going. so i was honest ((this was a topic that i had actually really wanted to talk about for awhile now..i was just scared)) and i let him know that as of right now..i didn't see it going anywhere. there were reasons..which i told him.. and he wasn't happy about it of course..but understanding. he agreed with most of it and said we could still be friends. i think he's actually serious about that..i knew it would be weird after we had that talk..but for the first time ever it was actually pretty cool. we talked for like 30 more minutes and he's supposed to call me back. i guess that will be the test! =] anyways, i guess i'm just relieved to now have gotten that out of the way & in the open! FRIENDS??? hmmm... i dunno but i'm still lookin for Mr.Right... ;-)

Posted by freak/innocence03 at 12:22 AM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 3 July 2003 12:25 AM PDT
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Tuesday, 1 July 2003
i just don't understand myself sometimes. i say that i'm lonely and want a boyfriend..but then when the opportunity arises it's like i never wanna take it. i don't know why i do that. not that i believe in this stuff- but my cousin and i were reading stuff about our horoscopes and it said that Aquarius' get bored really easy. i think that's true! i said it about Taylor.."he's boring me." He's super funny..and really how's he boring me?? i dunno but he is?! and he's too freaking mushy for the song goes by that one person ;-)...don't call me baby! =] i dunno... i have issues & i need help.

Posted by freak/innocence03 at 11:40 PM PDT
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Saturday, 21 June 2003
it's crazy how when school is in you just can't wait until Friday..cuz Friday night's pretty much count as partial weekend..((right?)) But when summer's here Friday..Saturday..Sunday- all the same things. Just another day! and living in tell me why it rained today! i mean it poured!! and helled..and there was thunder & lightning. so then my weekend just sucked anyway so..why am i even talking about it???

Posted by freak/innocence03 at 7:25 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 21 June 2003 7:44 PM PDT
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Friday, 20 June 2003
hOw i'm feelin'...dun dun duuunnn
just chillin here...gosh i've just been really feelin...blah! you know what i mean??? it's kinda hard to explain..i just haven't felt really happy.. or sad.. just...??? i guess that makes me confused huh?? =] this is really not how i wanted to start my is the best gift i've ever gotten but sometimes it just really sux!

Posted by freak/innocence03 at 8:24 PM PDT
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