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If I Run 'round In Circles for Long Enough... Oops I fell Over

Ok Many of you who are on this site right now are probably asking yourselves what is this god awful pile of putrid crap about but seeing as i have your attention now u might aswell have a look aintcha.

The grotto of the idiotic was created by 6 young friends who thought it would be pretty cool to do some retarded stuff on camera and here is the site. little did we know the fan base it would turn out but thats another story. one that i hope turns out to be true.

Murphy, Link, Andrea, Speaky, Ginger, Fiona & Zed were the cast in this little story. a story of madness, love, hate and vodka. so sit back and enjoy the site yeeeeeeehaaaaaa.

Come On, Relax Put Your Feet Up And Dont Do Any Of That Stuff

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