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I Have Never Worn A Dress............... This week.........

Yes we do have another page under sols domain but what the hell this is my personal take on the whole thing.

Ok first things first, the producers of this little web site were as follows:

Sol "murphy" Seymour

Noooooo Ya Silly Fucking Bastard

(Camera Man, Destruction of things, Whiping dick out, Giving ideas, Stealing Wheelie Bins, Burning Bibles, Cooking)


Darren "Speaky" Speak

I Like Their Sausage Roooooolls

(Lady Impressions, Pulling dick and arse out, butt sexing, Bleeding)


Andrea McManus

Ya Probably Are Gay

(Running Away from camera, Taking the piss, Looking after us lot)


Gareth "Link" Smith

Fat Arse Is Eating All My Fucking Corn Flakes

(Camera Man, Getting Naked, Chasing Old People, Drinking Lots, Glow Stick Tricks, Taking The Piss, Stealing Wheelie Bins, Cleaning)

"Ok like my personal thanks have to go to all of these guys for helping out with the making of the site and the movie. id also like to thank My parents for kicking me out (for my own personal reasons) and for letting me come back. Id like to thank my friends in bradford and u guys know who you are. Id like to thank Andrea and Ken for lookin after me while the movie was in production. John, raymond and emmeline for just lookin out for me. u guys are all right."


No Fucking Way

(Graffiti, Vandalism, Taking The Piss, Camera Man)

Gavin "Zed" Aveyard

(Eating The Duckies, Camera Man, Falling Over, Cooking)


Well i hope yall enjoyed the site and are considering purchasing our movie coz the more who get the movie the more movies we can make. hell if it was upto me i would make it for free but id end up a very poor man.

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