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I Wish I Was A Shepards Pie, I Would Fly In 2 Your Eye

Zeds Zenophobia


"I'm dumb so shut up"

Name: Gavin Zed Aveyard

Nicknames: Gav, Zed, Retard, Gavrin, Poo gavinda Stink

Age: 17

Birthdate: 16th January 1985

Height: aboot 5'6

Weight: 10 stone wet froo

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown with blonde endies

Favourite Band Of All Time: Korn

Favourite Song By Them: Forsaken by Jon davis

Favourite Movie Of All Time: Queen Of The Damned

Favourite Line From That Movie: "You Think your smart, your not."

Character from fiction most like you: Uncle Bulgaria from the wombles

Do You Drink: Yup

Do You Do Drugs: Nope

Do You Smoke: Nope

Favourite Food: Mmmmmmm

What do u look for in the opposite sex: Me

Ever done something you regret: Give it time

What your doing at this very moment: Eating The Duckies

Anything Else youd like to say to the readers: Dont Eat Two Duckies At Once, you get jaw ache.

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