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Id Like An Ice Cream, Doesnt matter about the flavour. its for my ass

Speakys Surroundings

Ooooh You Like Pretty

"Im gonna come over their and fuck you in the arse in a minute"


Name: Darren Lovewell Speak

Nicknames: Speaky. Daz. Silent Bob. Fat Arse. Speak Monster

Age: 15

Birthdate: ?

Height: about 5 13

Weight: ?

Eye Colour: ?

Hair Colour: Black

Favourite Band Of All Time: Cradle Of Filth

Favourite Song By Them: ?

Favourite Movie Of All Time: Terminator 2

Favourite Line From That Movie:

Character from fiction most like you: Silent Bob

Do You Drink: shit yeah

Do You Do Drugs: Just Weed

Do You Smoke: Yeah

Favourite Food: ?

What do u look for in the opposite sex: ?

Ever done something you regret: ?

What your doing at this very moment: ?

Anything Else youd like to say to the readers: ?

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