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Order The Video Or Else Im Gonna Eat It

Well this is the place to come if u like to see what dumbasses like us get up to on video. This video is rated a 15 because it has some nudity and swearing in it but what the hell, its not like u cant just go get sum1 old enough to buy it for you so we dont care.

"and here we have teddy, we take the knife and jam it in teddys ass. see he likes that. now remember kids, a teddys not just for christmas. its for disection"

All you have to do is send cash/cheque to the ammount of 10.00 to:

Link Corp

134 Parsonage rd



West Yorkshire

The video will be sent within 7 days if located in UK. if international may take 2 - 3 weeks. Act now and get autographed pictures of the cast. All Cheques Should Be Made Out To Gareth Smith, Terms and conditions may not apply.


Sequel Coming soon

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