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Hello all If you are checking this link out well. You can understand it is called the Scary Clown Dream. Well Read on! Well it all began when I was around 6 or 7. The first dream I ever had about a clown... I dreamt. That I was in this place Donít know where. But I could see a circus tent up in the distance. And I could here the kids laughing. And cheering. So as I walked on. I got to the tent. And I read a sign that said. The Great Giggles the Clown. So I walked into the tent. I saw all these kids. But no parents As I walked in I looked for a seat. I sat down. And as I looked up I saw this clown, Big Red Nose, Green hair, but his eyes were as blue as the ocean. He had the most beautiful eyes. As I stared at him. He said in this voice. This voice of well kind of deep and evil Like the voice of the clown from Stephen Kings IT. Anywise he said hello there son; my name is Giggles the Clown. And you are. In a scared voice I said my name is Jonathan. He said Jonathan would you like to see a little trick? Me being so young I said sure. So he turns around. And just like that. He turns into a Psychopathic Wicked Clown. Then I saw him run around the circus ring. Just howling like a demon from hell. So I sat there scared shitless. As I seen him pick children up and start tearing theme apart! And as he was doing so, I got up and ran towards the exit. These other clown came up to the exit and said no, no and I shuffled back I ran into something stiff. I turned around to what I saw was nothing compared to death himself, I mean you see this clown covered in blood and shit from head to toe. As I stare at him he lets out the Giggle I mean it was Evil. But as I looked around I saw a couple of kids all screaming and crying. But as I looked back up to Giggles he said to me Jonathan you have proven yourself worthy tonight. You may go and look around cause you are now part of the Dark Carnival. As I sat there and thought about what he was saying I realized I am to no harm here. So now I start to walk around the ring looking at all the other kids, and one kid says what is so special about you? I say to him. Sorry but I donít know! Well Giggles walks over beside me and says Jonathan Son let me tell you a little secret, you see how I am a wicked clown from hell. I said youíre a wicked clown from hell. He says, yes I am a wicked clown from hell. I said what does any of this got to do with me? He says Jonathan you yourself were born to be a killer, a Wicked Killer Clown. And I am here to teach you how to be one! He said but first you must learn your habitats, so I look and say well. So when I walked out of the tent, he took me to this other tent I read a sign that said the Ghetto Freak Show. WELL THATíS ALL TILL I THINK OF SOME MORE