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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Giggles the Clown,And as you can tell, This is the link about me so your going to experince some real shit about me and my life. Yes i said my life. but until then here we go! I am a real big Insane Clown Posse (ICP) fan.But now to get to the real shit. My name is Jonathan Cowart (AKA-Giggles the Clown)But anyways Juggles all i haft to say for now.. is if your not down with the clown then you ain't shit.. Aight! now check this i am From Alabama but does that make me stupid? No! so all you dumb asses out there thinking ohh this guy is from Alabama he is nothing but a stupid redneck.. no i am more than that!but anyway I am from a little town called Opp, and i atend Opp High School where i am in the 11th grade. I am 17 years old. And the Queston some come in here for.. "is he single" well let me think about it a little?.?.?. Yes I am a Single Mutha Fauckal... Cause the girl i dated for aout 2 years told me she was not in love with me lets get down to the real shit... i am working on this page not only for me but for all the JUGGALOS out there. I have a Link on the right side of the main page labled Juggalos.. if you are a true Juggalo then you will E-mail me and ask me to add you to the link.. But if your wondering what E-mail you should go to well retard its labled in blue..:) naaaa i'm just fucking with you.. i did not really mean retard... but its 3:19 on a Tuesday morning.. and i am tired of typing so i am going to end it right here for now! so PEACE OUT JUGGALOS!!!!!! WHOOOOOOP WHOOOOOP! oh, and don’t forget to E-Mail so until then I will talk to you later.