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september 09 03:04am
i'm seriously gonna start skating again.
if i had a super tuesday party, would anyone come?

september 08 01:29am
so lots of shit happened last week.
i nearly died in a pickup truck.
and today i went into the city to see my favorite teacher who never taught me, niall hood.
he got a new place, so i got lost getting there, and ended up being asked if i wanted drugs, sex, or alcohol.
walked around south philly all day (there are a ton of parks in south philly, especially around old city). got a wrap at penn's landing wrap shack (go there!). went to some record stores, i bought cockney rejects - the greatest cockney ripoff. and slapshot - greatest hits, slashes, and crosschecks.
headed home around six, and at quarter to seven drew reynolds imed me.
we started out planning on going bowling with tim, adam, and vinny. we picked donald up, and drove through adam's nieghborhood screaming "ADAM STEELE!". drew drove past a little fischer price slide, so we hoist it on the roof and let it go once he hits third gear. so we just happen to meet tim and adam while looking for my cellphone in drew's car.
they're going to pick up vinny, and then going skating in the paoli burger king area. so we tag along. don and i sit and watch as they skate, and then donald goes to get his board, skates a little and lends his board to me as he is going home for the night.
so then the fun began. we're bored, so we decide to have a road rage style street luge down the parking lot behind BK. it gets vicious (i'm thrown into a bush, and my back is scratched to hell). i got a wrenched knee, drew rips his pants, vinny got fucking jumped on, tim almost skinned his back, and adam fell every fucking time.
it is definitly one of the top five nights of summer 2003.
me must have done that for nearly an hour. then drew and i hop in his car, head to wawa, and race home with a quick stopoff at acme.

tomorrow is my last day of band camp, and we're probably playing laser tag around 05:30pm at grand slam u.s.a.

in my stereo

slapshot -

blitz -
voice of
a generation

the virus -

rejects -
the greatest