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well, here goes sum maj0r picture gallereyage... by the way, all of the drawings dont really look the greatest cause the scanner didnt pick up most of the pencil shading... i have since drawn many more drawings that are far better, but i haven't scanned any and i gave some of the best to kristine (since i made them for her)

this is my third drawing ever of a girl in the anime style... well, sort of anime...i have since fixed the oddly shaped leg

guess what me and brian did on august 11.... (brian's on your left, im on your right...)

heres a drawin for you... his name is Mister 1337

heres another drawin for u.. this one took 3 hours, but sadly this scan doesnt truly do it justice, cause there was a lot of fine pencil shading that cant be seen here...

and heres another..

and another......

and heres sum futuristic soldier guys... lol