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Name: Ježžie
Age: 17
Location: The thrown of Hell.
D.O.B: January 16th, 1985.
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 109-115 lbs
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Contacts: Paltalk= Derrogative, DiSorderly rEd / AIM= Derrogative
Email: -->
My WebSite:

If you wanna get high, fuck a duck and try to fly. . .
Yo what's up motherfuckers? Long time no see. In case your wonderin', "Who the hell is this bitch?" Your right. It's the Bitch. The former ReD_13itch. Did you all miss me? SHUT THE FUCK UP.. did I say you could speak? ;) Don't trip potato chip, Satan loves you atleast...

ReD is back jack and were going to hang around for awhile. Fuck with us and you fuck with your petty little internet life. No DrAmA No DrAmA here just madd Luve to my fellow ReD brothers. Just figured I would make my presents be VeRy afraid.. Lol. Bolt your windows and chain your doors, for I shall raise havok once more.

1..2.. Im gunna get YOU..

"Evil sleeps, but never dies."

!~*~!ReD PoWeR!~*~!