She sat alone at her table
With her eyes so full of tears
Feeling so alone and lost
And running from her fears
She had no one to turn to
Her parents weren't even there
Feeling so sad and pathetic
It was sometimes hard to bear
She woke up every morning,
Praying to God he'll end her pain
Wishing and hoping each night,
For the angels to take her away.
She walked to school alone,
Always walking kind of slow,
Telling herself to just give up,
Just don't even go.
Then one day as she crossed the street
To get over to the school
Some kids she knew drove over
Got out and called her a fool
They circled her on the lawn
And started pushing her around
"stupid girl" they called her
But she did not make a sound
They started getting rougher
Till she was lying still on the lawn
Then the angels flew down from heaven
They took her and she was gone
She was never given a chance
Left alone and ignored
When on one dark day
Death came knocking on her door.

By Johanna D.