Yeah, I used to have a stupid little conversation right here telling you how much I want you to come back when you're done taking these quizzes. Don't worry though, I've changed my ways. No need for me to sink to your level.

...Just come back when you're done, dammit.

The Pointless Personality Test

What Adjective Describes You?

Which Barbie Are You?

How Much of a Freak Are You?

What Kind of Candy Are You?

Find Your Inner Pie

What's Your Fault?

How Are You Going To Die?

What Kind of Tard Are You?

Are You Nasty or Nice?

What's Your Style?

What Do You Wear To Bed?

What's Your Poetry Style?

Which one of Ash's favorite bands are you?

What first impression do you give?

What's your totally random object?

What's your inner demon?

Which Goddmanit song are you?

What goth are you?

What do you want out of life? quiz

What Pattern Are You?

What High School Stereotype Are You?

What Type of Friend Are You?

Quiz Determined By Colors

How Cynical Are You?

How Forgiving Are You?

How Comfortable Are You Being Single?

How Long Are You Going to Live?

Are You a Material Girl?

Are You a Risk Taker?

Are You an Optimist or Pesimist?

Are You Evil?

Are You Loony?

Are You Sure You're You?

What Zodiac Sign Should You Be?

Is It Love or Lust?

What's Youre Inner-Rock Star?

What Kind of Dog Are You?

What's Your Flavor?

What's Your Lucky Charm?

What's Your Lucky Number?

Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

Which Cartoon Character Are You?

Which Daria Character Are You?

What Member in Nirvana Are You?

What Simpson's Character Are You?

What Random Object Are You?

What Kind of Ass Are You?

What Blink 182 Song Are You?

What Drug Are You?

Would You Survive in a Horror Movie?

Are You a Freak?

What's Your Future?

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