My school is obsessed with notes. I used to be also, but I guess I grew too lazy to write any of my friends back. Then, when my friends never recieved a reply, they quit writing any to me. Every so often I'll recieve a note or two, but otherwise it is very unusual. Anyways, here are some notes that I have recieved. If there is any writing inside these: [hello!] it's a little side note from me. I changed names just too, b/c I don't want anybody from my school to... well, you know.

(some random time)
Go 2 Cuesta College says the commercial I'm listening to right now. Oh great, now a commercial 4 Dawson's Creek, then... Gilmore Girl's... AHHHHH!!!!

I'm back. [sigh] I had to change the radio station.

I don't like :aura cuz she likes Casey. I bet they flirt w/ eachother after school. Did u see her there? she was like, "Casey!" but he was like, "Amanda" even tho I looked like shit. Even tho I always do.

Anyways, blah my fellow atheist friend. Sprite all gone gone gone! I love Ball [*that's casey... her b/f*].


RE:What is camel-meal? <-I don't know.
Well, we're in this horribly huge line of cars surrounded by hot yummies-sooo very tempting...

DAMN! That guy has arms!

okay-I'll try to concentrate...

It's 2 hard! They're SO hot!

I think you need to tell me what's going on about David and you-the whole story-before i start judging him.

Elena will say hi now.

Hey Ash, there are lots of hot guys here. It's kind of hot, but not too bad. Ha, someone ahead of us in line just randomly screamed. New Color! Blue! Pink! :) until next time... God.

Well, there u have it-I like this color. So, you have to tell me everything you did this weekend, okay? Yum, yum!


I have 2 meet someone... well, if I may quote from God herself- "Till next time!"

Hey Ashes!!!
Wuts-up?! my sista'. sorry. Anyways, I left during 1st period to go to the couselor's office. I'm not taking history anymore. Mrs. *J* said I have to be picked-up everyday after 5th period! No more Mrs. *O*!!! That's kinda weird though. B/C she aslo said she didn't want an F student going into another teacher's class, and I can't take another elective. Even avid is full. ::sigh:: Can't wait for teen hang out tomorrow!!!!!!! *C*! [she now hates him...] I just felt like writing that. gotta correct my journal! Bye!
~*M* PS WBASAP [Write back as soon as possible]

Hey wats up? You do remember you're coming with me right? To the game? Just checking to make sure you didn't forget. We need 2 go by Longs in the Laguna center to get a poster! (I hate my handwriting!) I like ur handwriting, it's pretty! How come you never write to me anymore?? [See, I told ya!] Oh my gosh! Have you ever been to Everyone there is always saying stuff like: Any hot guys want 2 cyber w/ a 15/f from canada? Seriously! It's weird. I checked it out last night and I'm never going again! I was bombarded w/ im's saying "u horny?" and stuff like that. Sooo, anyway, when do you get ur computer back? [That was about a month ago-I had a virus and the whole computer blew up... ok, exagerating.] It's lonely w/out you online! Come back! J/K. Anyways, I'm bored and can't think of anything to say. So bye!
Love always
PS W/b [Write back]
PPS Call me
PPPS You better W/B
PPPPS The devil went down to Georgia....
PPPPPS K, I'll stop now.

(9-11-01) [This is a special note, I'm gonna keep it a long time... it shows how the "incident" affected people even really far away.]
Ashley- No, I didn't hurt her. I heard her say "I don't like Jo." And I her when we walked past her, *A* sais, "There's Jo." and *D* was all- "I don't like-" then saw me. I confronted her about it and she said she said, "I'm not looking for her." So, I don't know. Anyways, in choir, I was really sad (I have it 3rd) and we were talking about the people killed, and I just broke down crying, I'll tell u later. Anyway, I'm still a little shook up, but math helped. *M* was funny. Hey, I am going to Disneyland on the wknd maybe with *D*. I am ok with that. We're just friends, but he asked me out. I am gonna talk to him later, maybe tomorrow. I'm bored. I'm in *N*'s class. We're talking about the incident. Call me later, k? We'll do something. Anyway, G2G-Bye!