Digital camera... my new obsession.

My mom and our puppy

Cullen (my brother) and the puppy

Me... watching T.V.... being lazy... :/

A very cute picture of our puppy

Our fat cat Gray... or Grey...

My skinny cat Pepper

Me and my friend Elena. This is at the Mid-State Fair. We jumped in to the pool that was for show.

This is David. David, say hello to everyone.

And this is Jo. Jo, don't go humping everyone.

This is me flipping off the world. Remember, I am a teenager, I'm alowd to be all angsty and shit.

This is Jesse (left) and Jo (right). Two of a few friends. :)

I love you...

Friends don't let friends drink & drive.

Ooh... I feel sexy.

Li'l Cullen!!!! Aw, ain't he cute? My wittle bwotha.