Dear Mom

Hello there mom, I've been thinking of you, and thought I should just say,
That though times may be rough, and the road is tough, you survive yet another day.
And when the times a re fun, and we're out in the sun, playing and laughing non-stop,
We'll collapse to the ground, with happiness found, and feel we just might not stop.
I turn to you, because I love you, onehundred percent all the time,
That when I see you there, with your beauty so fair, you simply just glow and shine.
You mean everything to me, my special friend, you are my glory,
You're my everythung mother, my perfect never-ending story.
You're a gift from God, sent with a nod, to come and protect me,
Filled with care, willingness to share, and stuffed with lots of glee.
So filled with love, sent with a dove, my letter somes to an end,
To my mother dear, who has no fear, and love she has to lend.

By Johanna D. (Hey Jo! Ya want me to link ur email to ur name? Ya might get some hate mail... oops, I mean... love mail? J/K... call me!)