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Losing my will at 9:04 a.m. - 1/19/02

Whoa. It's been awhile. More than a month. Yikes. Well, I've been having a lot of family problems. Been getting drunk and smoking pot. I'm in trouble with my parents. I'm actually not alowd on the computer, so I probably won't be able to update this page in a long time. It doesn't matter though.

Hope everyone who comes by here will read this. I want everyone to be happy. It's your choice. If you want to have a good day, be selfish and go have a good day. Do what you need to do to be happy. Happy holidays, happy birthdays, and blessed be!!!!

Losing my will at 11:27 a.m. - 11/16/02

So, I was too lazy to move the last message to where it belongs.. but who cares?! You now have a new movie review! Yeah, that's right. What movie has been out for a week now and is..or was... #1? 8 Mile, with the freakin' god of rap, Eminem.

Personally, I don't like rap, I don't like Eminem, and I don't plan on giving him any money for being self-absorbed. Seriously, all of the songs that have been all over the radio in the few years, are all about him. Who's the real slim-shady?, My name is..., That one fan guy who killed himself and his pregnant girlfriend..., and who can forget, Without me. I actually enjoy his music videos though. Now he has his own movie.

You can tell he loves drama.

Also, ever seen the movie Bang Bang You're Dead? Go check out the written form.

Losing my will at 4:50 a.m. - 11/14/02

This is actually the first time updating this thing when I didn't have to look at the calendar to know what day it is. Let's celebrate.

Added a lot of new quizzes. Yeah for all of you.

Life is beginning to feel hopeless. If you'd like to comment or anything... go to The End page. There is a form there that you can fill out... and it will be sent to me right away.

Losing my will at 10:03 a.m. - 11/9/02

New layout!!! Oh yeah. It looks good. Thanks to the wonderful people at Pixie Designs. *bows* I'm trying my hardest to get everything done today, but right now I am tired at looking at the computer screen and my stomach hurts really bad. I'm not a breakfast person, but this morning I'll make an exception.

Waffles, perhaps?

Oh, one more thing. If I keep this webpage up and moving through February, this'll be the longest I've ever had a webpage up!! One year!!! Can you believe it? Yeah, it rejuvenates my determination in this dumb ol' site.

Losing my will at 7:35 p.m. - 10/29/02

Tuna! Tuna! Tuna!

I'm possibly in one of the most deviant moods I have ever been my entire life!!! I cut 4th period class today. It's kind of addicting, I plan to do it again sometime.
Maybe it's just the weather. Or the holiday. Did you know that Halloween is in 2 days? And my grandmother's birthday was today. My dad actually did something decent for her, and bought some flowers that stunk so bad we had to actually go to her house!


And, just in time for the holidays... comes The Ring. Seriously, this is one of the best horror movies I've ever seen. Watch and wet your pants... enjoy!

Losing my will at 7:51 p.m. & 10/22/02

I'm always changing my favorite band. Constantly. Ever since 3rd grade when I discovered music beyond my parent's CD player, I've always had a specific favorite. It went from Neil Young to TLC to Sugar Ray to Dr. Dre to 3 Doors Down to Eric Clapton to Tom Petty to... (current) Nirvana. Although, listening to the two CD's I have of Nirvana's every night... it's getting old.

Well, I think I may be switching to The Doors. But, that's not why I'm updating. I found a link to Kurt Cobain's Trials and Tribulations. It's a good read.

So go read.

Losing my will at 11:59 a.m. & 10/13/02

I put up 2 more links to some new comics I found. I'm thinking of going through another search of layouts. I feel so stupid for not being able to do my own. If you want to check out the templates I'm thinking of using here. I've already got 2 inputs on which layout to use, both for Fire. I think I'm gonna go give another shot at making a layout. Maybe even one with Johnny the Homicidal Maniac!! That'd be awesome.
And, still, there's the movie review I put up yesterday, and also the 5 new poems.

Invader Zim! Gir!

Losing my will at 11:16 p.m. & 10/12/02

I think it's been a month since I updated. Yikes. It's like I'm bored, but I'm too lazy to update and put anything new up. Stupid me...

Anyway, I think I'm ready for a new layout. I'm trying to make my own. But, if it takes too much time and work, I'll just give up and take a template from some other Layout website, and just change the links.

I also have a lot of quizzes I need to put up. I know I should. I also could put up some poems that I have in my diary. Oh well... one thing at a time. I'll start working on the template now, and see if I can finsih by the end of the day.

If you want, check out the template I'm thinking of using here.

Ooh! Look at me! I updated the Movie Reviews page! Yeah, this is like 5 hours from the last time I updated the webpage. I think I'm gonna go add some poems now. Bye-bye... update here later if I actually do. :)

Hehe... finished putting up 4 poems. Whew *wipes head*. Lotta work. :) Go check the poems out. And if you'd like to submit any poems to be put up on my page, send me an email. :)

Invader Zim! Gir! MY Zim, and MY Gir!

Losing my will at 6:26 p.m. & 9/13/02

Guess what day it is today... Friday the 13th! I can never get over it. It's so cool. It's a date that falls on Friday where everyone has an excuse to get weird and fuck with people around them. Hence, the angry feeling I feel towards my next door neighbor now. Don't worry... he'll get his...

Made the Comics Page finally. It took me awhile, but it's finally here for your enjoyment. I'm still working on my own Comic Strip, which so far consists of 2 girls and 2 guys...
That's it.
Yay. What fun.

Well, updated Movie Reviews. Since it is a creepy day, we have to have a creepy movie. One Hour Photo. I just wish beyond all hope that Robin Williams goes back to comedy films. I just hate to hate him! He's so incredibly yucky in this movie! Yeah.. well... go ahead and read the movie review.

P.S. Life is shit. Cool, eh?

Losing my will at 4:13 p.m. & 8/26/02

I know, I haven't updated in a long time. It's summer though, so you have to spend more time outside than inside on this evil machine. *seductive wink* I'm just joking! This machine isn't evil. Well, it is but I love evil... so... yeah. Way off topic.

Right, so school starts tomorrow. :( This is very very bad. Evil. School=Cruel and unusual punishment. The worst of the worst. Blegh...

So, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah. I put up more Quizzes. I also got a puppy over the summer. I've been calling it Kahlua, but my mom has decided that its name is Odessa (Ody for short). She is a German Shepard/Chow mix, and is around 3 or 4 months old. I took some pictures of her with my dad's digital camera, so you can go check those out, if ya want. And, believe me, you'll die with jealousy b/c she is the cutest thing in the world!

I have a whole bunch of Movie Reviews to put up, but I'm just too lazy to do the html, so I'm putting that off for awhile. Maybe I'll start putting them up when school starts, so I have something to distract me from it.

R.I.P. Summer.

Losing my will at 4:13 p.m. & 7/22/02

Aha!! I finally got a new movie up! Aren't you proud of me? Ok, yeah, I know. You can take a chill pill now (do they come in IV's now, by the way?).
So, yes. We now have the movie Lilo & Stitch on the movie review page.

And there is one more list. It's the Rules of Life.

*sigh* Summer...

Losing my will at 3:32 p.m. & 7/20/02

I'm updating 3 minutes before the last time I updated. I just thought of a good idea. I'm gonna add a comics area. I've found, recently, a lot of hilarious comics online. There's for example.

I added some more quizzes. I've found a lot lately, and I have all of my results in my livejournal. So, go take some quizzes.

mmm... maybe I'll add a movie review...

*ahem* one other thing...

Losing my will at 10:16 p.m. & 7/7/02

Yay!! I updated the lists page!! I actually added 3 new Randomly Idiotic Lists: Insanity and Paranoia, Stupidity, and Pessimism and Optimism.

I also put up a new movie review! It's Scooby-Doo. I actually saw this at a sneak preview with my friends Amanda, Shae, and Amanda. It was surprisingly good.

And one last thing I added was The Complete and Utter Idiot's Guide to Ordering Pizza. It's hysterical, so go read it! I just got back from Hawaii today. For more info on my trip check out my diary. I wrote 2 entries about it.

I'm in this Yahoo! Group called live_journal. It's for people who own a journal at I'm organizing a list of people who need a journal though, so if you need one, go search yahoo for that group. We're able to get you a code so you can have a livejournal too! How nice of me.

Losing my will at 10:16 p.m. & 6/23/02

Movie Review: The Sum of All Fears.

I am really disappointed in myself for not adding anything new. I'm more lazy than I had been while in school!

Anyways, I'll be gone this week b/c I'll be with my god-family. I'll get on the net to check my email probably, and maybe add a short entry to my diary/livejournal, but most likely won't update this site. Don't want to busy up their phone lines...

After that week w/ the "God's" I'm going to Hawaii for a week. Literally, right after the week w/ the "God's"... doesn't give me any time to rest and unpack, etc. I'll have enough time tho to rest on the plane. Blegh... it's gonna be a big plane... over-crowded and I'll probably have to freak out the person who I sit next to just to entertain myself. I'll have to review my 30 Ways To Annoy A Roomate... another thing I have to add to my lists page...

What's the reason to live if all I'm gonna do is disappoint myself? ...every single time...

Losing my will at 2:09 p.m. & 6/19/02

I added a new movie review. It's The Sum of All Fears. Don't have much else to say right now. I'm trying to find a review for Corky Romano. I saw it recently, and I'm now quoting it's very famous and hilarious line, "I should buy a boat!!!" all the time. So, yeah. Maybe I'll put up some more lists. I keep sending them to my friends through email, and they think they're pretty funny, so eventually I'll get them all posted on the lists page.

Losing my will at 6:33 p.m. & 6/16/02

I was web-surfing and found this very cutesy website. She has a lot of cliques that she belonged to. I was reading through some though and they actually sounded interesting. So, I am now *almost* a member of... 7 cliques. I kind of got carried away, but still...

Oh yeah! I put the links to the cliques in the links page.

No, I'm not Canadian. But I do like maple leaves...
how do they make maple syrup?

Losing my will at 3:57 p.m. & 6/14/02

I added a list just a sec. ago. I plan to add more, but right now I'm kind of caught up in this fanfic I've been reading. I was just taking a quick break. My eyes feel very strange.

I also changed the previous messages a tiny bit. I hated the divider between all the different messages so I'm now using a very simple horizontal line... don't get too excited now.

And one more thing. I never write about what's going on in my life in these messages anymore b/c I have this thing where I can't repeat stuff. And since I write everything in my diary already, I'm not gonna repeat everything here. I usually add 2 entries per day if I can hold myself back from writing a hundred. So, yeah. I'm thinking of adding a count in this area for how many entries there are in my diary... in fact... I think I will. So whenever I edit my webpage, I'll change the count.

 Middle School Survivor: Out Test. Out Friend. Out Graduate.


Losing my will at 4:49 p.m. & 6/10/02

Yay!!! New layout!

At first I thought that this webpage was gonna be all about sarcasm. But, this layout makes it look really depressing. Oh well... it's still all about sarcasm. No matter what the page looks like. But, just to make it have some reference towards depressionism, I added some links about depression and suicides, etc.

Oh! And I also have a new movie review. It's About a Boy. Hope you enjoy it!

 Middle School Survivor: Out Test. Out Friend. Out Graduate.

okay. so i'm not a graduate yet. but the end of school is thursday!!

[6/7/02] I finally got a head start on the new layout. It was originally supposed to be a layout for a diary, but I changed it some and made it fit this website. Instead of going to Teen Hang Out, I worked on it. I'm still having some trouble with the drop-down boxes. I keep on looking at my handy-dandy HTML tutorial page, but every time I think I've found the mistake, it turns out I didn't. Hopefully soon, I'll find out what the real problem is. Maybe I'll ask an HTML pro to help me make it work.

Also, I'm gonna try to put up all the lists. I've been so lazy. I just found it so boring... br here, br there, br everywhere!! and so on and so on...

[5/28/02] Too lazy to change this part, but I just wanted to mention that I added 10 more bumper stickers. And there's gonna be a huge change soon... maybe I'll be done by Monday. it'll be a lot more organized... hopefully. Also, I'd like to thank Alex T. (a.k.a. Nacho) for suggesting some ideas. And one last thing... I love exploding dog!!! So cute!
I would also like to mention that I have a new movie review up (StarWars- Episode II). I couldn't wait to add another one... so, yeah. If you didn't read the last one (Spiderman), I will leave a link on the index page of movie reviews for you to go and see.

[5/26/02] Yay!! I made a movie review page! I currently have a Spiderman review. Hope you enjoy it...

Once I have two more sites up I'll add the movie review page to my table of links. but until then, it just wouldn't fit in... I'll leave a permenant link under the previous messages one.

I also put in 20 more bumper stickers. Hopefully I won't be too lazy tomorrow and I can add even more! Aren't you excited?

I also put up a LOT of links to quizzes. I took out that really old, half-completed quiz and replaced it with fun, pass-the-time quizzes. If you have any other quizzes that I have not posted, contact me.

Oh! And, aslo, inside the Links page, I have a link going to my banner page, where I have my new banners and instructions on how to link to me.

I've been busy...

P.S. On a happier note, I'm going to Kauai, Hawaii for a week over summer break!! I'm sooo excited. I've never been to Hawaii, or anywhere w/ warm water, in that case. I thought Cabo San Lucas, Mexico would've had warm water but, no... a little better than the cali coast but still numbing.
I searched for the hotel we're staying at, and got 2 pictures of the place we're gonna go.

This is the hotel...

and this is the beach that the hotel lies on...

god... i can't wait!!!

[5/22/02] Yesterday I added a page full of lists. I think I'm gonna put all the top-ten stuff on that page, cuz I have a lot more funny lists that are more than 10.... if that makes any sense at all...
I was in a blah mood today so I can't really talk right. I keep on babbling on and on and not making any sense at all. I think somebody should slap me... that'll get me going the right direction.
Anyway, I also wanna put some links of quizzes. You know the kind: What High School Stereotype are you?, What Character Would You Be in Sponge Bob Square Pants?, etc. There's so many, and I think they're pretty fun. After all the links to the quizzes I'll put up the results I got. Not that anybody really cares about that, but... yeah...
Nobody likes me, nobody cares... I guess I'll just go outside and eat a can of worms...
My grandmother (we call her Gram) used to say that. She made up lots of funny things to say... called my mom "P.J. Wiggle-squirm". Strange woman.
I also broke up w/ my b/f.
It turns out that I did not save the page full of lists... welp... it's not coming soon cuz I'm too pissed at myself for FORGETTING TO SAVE THE FREAKIN' PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I shouldn't take this out on the poor keyboard...
..... i just got slapped...

[5/3/02] Wow.
I'm so proud of myself!! I actually did something that I personally think is hard html... shut up! It's very impressive for someone like me! In case you haven't noticed, I changed the links into a cute compact table. With colors! I feel like I've just upgraded my black and white knoby t.v. to a color t.v. with a dvd player that came w/ it!! That's a huge change...
Anyways, on to more simple things. We finished the SAT 9 testing at school on... Wednesday. I think. Can't keep track of everything lately, which is a huge disappointment to my mom. She'll get over it.

P.S. I put up some music on some of the pages... hopefully all of them. They're pretty bad sounding--but they're from good songs (at least most of them). If u know a place with good music that u can copy the codes, please let me know. I need the easy way to make the page sound good. Thanx!

[4/23/02] I put up the Fortunes page. I have only a few fortunes on there so far, but I have a lot saved on my computer.
We started SAT 9 testing today. The schedule is weird. I like it though-change is fun. We started vocab. and comprehension. I think I got one wrong on the vocab. and prob. a few wrong on compre.
My life has discovered two ways to really bug me. One- act like a soap-opera; and 2-be very very very normal, which is when it's on commercial. I have discovered this theory awhile ago, but it just seemed to pop into my head right now. I am in the commercial mode right now. I haven't talked to David since Sunday... and I'm really non-sociable lately. At least, not doing anything outside of Jo coming over to my house after school, and lunches/breaks at school. Blah... I'm way too lazy.
David, david, david, david, david... i almost wrote rancid. hah! david and rancid... he likes rancid too... what a coincidence. ummm... buh-bye...

[4/20/02] I can't stay on for long cuz my mom is saying it's her turn on the world wide web. Why do they call it a web? Who's the spider on this web? I guess, if anything, I'm the fly stuck in the web...
I heard from the girls-suck forum that today is national 'let's get high' day... coo.
I put up a link to the girls-suck forum and on the links page. I forgot I even had that page. Nobody should take offense to the girls-suck forum, cuz it's mainly for heart-broken guys... they just complain about girls. But it's fun anyway... some of the guys are really nice, and I feel really bad for them. Hardly anyone gets any sympathy from me, so I here by claim you lucky...
Saturday's are fun... nothing to do... I love being bored... I'm getting my hair cut at 2 o'clock... should be interesting... buh-bye...

[4/13/02] It's been 28 days since I last updated. Wow... well, I've gotten kinda bored w/ it... so, I guess that explains it. I've also become more social lately. I've gone downtown to Farmer's Market 3 weeks in a row now. I also went to my boyfriend's party this last Sunday. I'm trying to hook one of my friends up w/ one of his friends. So far, it's not going so well.
I've become more suicidal and depressed lately. Mainly b/c my grades have been going lower and lower. Also, me and my mom haven't been talking since I slammed the door in her face last week. But I'm relieved b/c I've realized that I'm always stressed whenever I'm around her. We used to be really close...
I made a forum. Wow.
I put up 2 poems. One by me and one by my friend Jo.

[3/15/02] Career day was on Wednesday. We heard people talk... and that was about it. Oh! And they gave you candy if you asked them a question. Is that pathetic or what? They bribe you to ask them, so it makes them feel like people are interested in them.
I put up a forum thingy. People can put in answers to some questions and add comments and it gets emailed to me.It's cool to me, but probably to normal expert HTML people it's pathetic. I even got it at this place where they make it for you... no comment.
I don't know if any of you people know this, or care about this, but I have a boyfriend. Yes, I acutally have a life off the internet (can you imagine?). His name is David, and he listens to these bands that I have never even heard of. It's amazing to me how he finds these awesome bands! He got me hooked on... hmmm, let's see: Dead Kennedys, Homegrown, Butthole Surfers, punk-o-rama 6, and lots more. I just thought it was cool... look those bands up too.
I like I think she's cool. Her layouts are awesome, and I'm amazed at how she does it... way beyond my expertise. Anyways, I was lookin' through her rant notebook (bored as usual), and found my quote of the day: "HOLY FRICKIN GOD IN A PEACH TREE! WE'RE ALLL GONNNA DIE!" Have a nice day everyone.

[3/10/02] In social studies I've been so bored lately so me and my friend Alex started writing various stupid stuff. I put some of it on the Fun Stuff page. There's a madlib, some weird school rule thing, etc. I put up a list called Why Guys Love Girls that I got as a chain letter, but I accidentally deleted the whole thing (I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!!)... so, there isn't anymore. I also put up alot of poems. A few by me, and a few by some other peeps. I'm proud of myself cuz I've been putting those off. Now, all I have to do is get some stories up and every page will then be filled. Kinda cool.
P.S. The snow was really slushy at the beginning of the week, but on the wknd it became icy. It was pretty fun, but like always, my ankels started to hurt really bad when I got home... snowboarding can be painful. P.P.S. I just found this wacky thing... pretty cool, huh? Just put your mouse over the words and then it changes the background of the page! Sorry... I'm easily entertained.
Choose: What Is Your Favorite Color?

[2/23/02] I got a few more stuff up. I'm not totally done with the quiz, but I got to question 7, or somethin'. I also got an idea a few days earlier about putting up notes I get from school. I have only 3 up right now, but there will be a whole bunch more up soon. I also uploaded some more bumper stickers, but don't have that much time to put them up on the page... that's one of the most time consuming projects on the website besides the quiz. I also got this long list of Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner. It's really long, but worth it... very funny and helpful. There are poems on the Rhythm Words link finally! Only two though... I'll put some more up later.
P.S. I won't be able to update the page for at least a week. I'm going on a trip to go snowboarding and skiing. Should be fun... we're staying in a cabin that some family friends own. They're going to meet up with us next Saturday.

[2/21/02] I was, again, about to type 01 for the year. I hate when I do that... but it happens alot so u'd think I'd be used to it by now.
Today at school I was telling everybody that Dopie Loves Them. One of my friends, Julie, said if I said that one more time she'd punch me. I didn't believe her so I kpt on saying it... and she did hit me! Sometimes she can get on my nerves... for one thing- she's a prep :( . Another person I told was this guy named Matt. He didn't know what I was talking about and thought I was a freak (what else is new?), so I mimed smoking somethin'. Then he just walked away...
I put up some bumper stickers in the Sarcasm link. I just recently got obsessed with them and started making my own. It's really fun, and if you have any ideas for anymore email me! I also got a few more dedications up. I couldn't think of anymore quotes for people I know so I had a few choose their own quotes. I haven't got any poems up yet, cuz they're so long and I hate to type normally.
P.S. My friends are planning to beat up this one guy named Daniel (sp?) because he was writing perveted notes to one of my friends. Ok, so, first of all... he's a guy. Second of all, he's nice... uh oh...